Some Facts of the B 2 B iNDUSTRY is that its Grown and still Growing with Expandable Prospects of  Explorable Possibilities ,the industry of Paan Masala DATA Is Going to be a GENERATION NEXT INFORMATION Business which will come in handy 10 years Later and the Concept of Online Deliveries is easing Business Retailers and Shop Owners To Deliver with PARTNERS Like  B 2 C   Company

Also More spoken About Expandables in the industry Own Shops Of Like Other Start Up Existing Shops Brand Their Name Implementing NEW TECHNOLOGIES AND SYSTEMS , Tagging the name and Visibility and Deliveries of Products to Ease the customers and Making More Varieties  Of stores for Physical Presence 

In this B2B With  E - Commerce Making a connect to un - Organised Sectors to organise supply and make the people NON  TECH SAVY to increase to do business Online not only sale Quantity but Buy as well also creating a big buyers and sellers Networks India Worldwide , its  a Mix Match of Varieties Industry Products Of FMCG iNDUSTRY ,more stress on Pan Masala Industry and Paan shop Products and their Bi- Products 

This is a Step to Systematic and Industry Un - Organised From Years But Yet BIG AND LARGE 

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